What is the name of this sports car, that was added in GTA Online: Los Santos Summer Special update?


Info: This is Benefactor BR8, a Formula 1 car based primarily on the 2011 F1 season cars, with the chassis most notably resembling the Red Bull RB7.

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GTA V Heist Cayo Percio is the latest heist in the game, it was added in December 2020. This GTA Update borough a lot of new features to the game, including cars, weapons, and missions. Wondering how to do all heists in order? Or how much money do you get for doing all the heists in order? Take this quiz and you will know the answer. GTA world is becoming massive with all recent updates like GTA yacht heist, and GTA v heist Cayo Perico.

This quiz is not the place for GTA V money glitch, however, you will have fun answering questions about all GTA weekly updates and recent features. Do you know all GTA v heists payouts? Do you know what GTA Wasted is? How many cars were added in the latest update?
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