We at Blox.Zone just love Roblox and what it stands for.

Our goal is to become your friend in this exciting world, and share our extreme enthusiasm with you and your friends.

Blox.Zone was incorporated in the midst of the global pandemic, just when Roblox has reached unprecedented levels of registered users, concurrent players and in-game payments.

The case we especially admire is the Roblox game Adopt Me! that has reached almost 1.7 million concurrent users and over 10 billion visits during the first half of 2020. Jailbreak game - another rising-star - surpassed half a million concurrent users during a live event held mid 2020.

Furthermore, Roblox has begun rolling out automatic machine translation for main languages globally, including Brazilian-Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Chinese and Spanish. This significant step helps Roblox developers to reach non-English speaking users with localized versions of their games, and enhance the intuitiveness of the game experience for the young generation, promoting even greater reach in new territories.

By introducing these modules and reaching these astonishing usage peaks, while sharing this excitement between ourselves, it is clear to us that Roblox has gone way beyond its original vision and became a leading virtual world platform that provides its users a unique online-social experience unlike any other.

Our vision at Blox.Zone is to share the love we have for this extraordinary game experience, by constantly introducing innovative ways to educate, skill-up and smartly socialize within this realm, in order to maximize the excitement driven by Roblox. By partnering with top casual game creators and game-related merchants that maintain the same enthusiasm for the game, we use this site to share with Roblox fans a variety of free experiences, all related to Roblox, that will expand the fun from your game expertise and knowledge, beyond the walls of the game itself. We hope you enjoy it.